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Monday Makery - Breakfast of Love
 peg dolls

Love for breakfast, Love for tea, Love for you, 
Love from me!

Breakfast in our house is mostly the rushed bowl of cereal and a slice of marmite toast in hand rushing out the door for the school run. Whilst weekend breakfasts are a leisurely and might I add messy feast of pancakes. As valentines falls on our most hurried of hurried days we brought ours a day earlier and started ...
Monday Makery - Paper Love Strings

 paper love strings

Valentine's Day is coming and as I'm the queen of leaving things til the last minute I wanted to plan a day after which we fall asleep with our hearts full. So this week I'm starting to pull together all my creative ideas to  make a day extraordinarily love-ly. 
Saint Valentine's Day traditionally clelebrates romantic love but I think its a great excuse to remind all of those w...
Monday Makery - Peg Dolls
 peg dolls
Peg dolls are a wonderful traditional part of childhood creativity. People have been making them for such a long time. Not only are they great fun to make but children will play for hours with them afterwards. I remember making these peg dolls when I was young and I think its one of those creative pleasures that will always be enjoyed.
You don't need much to get started and there are endless possibilities in the way of fashion, hairstyles and faces. You can add fairy wings using felt or card sprinkled with glitter , pirates in paper ...
Monday Makery - Shortbread Buttons
 shortbread buttons

Children love to make pretend food with play dough making edible looking treats for their loveable soft and cuddly friends. I wanted to create the reverse turning an ordinarily inedible object into something quite scrummy. This recipe for shortbread buttons is an easy one to follow with just a few ingredients and minimal fuss saving the fun bit for designing the buttons themselves. I love baking with my girls and they love this idea. We serve them wi...

Paper blooms call for the spring
 paper flowers

It is a sunny and slow Sunday morning, the light breaks through our windows as though whispering 'spring is on its way'. The kitchen table has yesterdays art materials still there, paper plates, a box of paints and a group of brushes waiting to transform paper into art. It's all a little too tempting for little hands to resist.  So breakfast finished we get creating.

Here's our paper blooms we created and they're so simple.

Materials: paper plates, paints and brushes, scissors, card, sticky tape

How to make a hobby horse by Red Ted Art

We couldn't resist this wonderful contribution from Red Ted Art

I have been pondering on how to make an easy Stick Horse (or Hobby Horse in some parts of the world) for a while. Ever since, we had the Sock Bunny visit, I have been wanting to make a Sock Stick Horse, and here we have it! I have made it for Red Ted this Christmas, which is such a shame, as I cannot wait to give it to him. Mummy will have to be patient!

It really isn’t too h...

Sessi's banana chocolate chip muffins
banana muffins mixture
I’ve become well known amongst family and friends for my muffins. My secret isn’t because I’m a great cook but rather that this is such a simple recipe and never fails. This is an easy one to make with small children as there’s plenty of mashing, stirring, and mixing to do. Sifting flour is always messy but les enfants love it.

The smell of cinnamon wafting through the house is just divine especially on those wet chilly days.

If no-one has a nut allergy these are also del...

How to make felt donuts by Red Ted Art

We are very grateful for our first felty contribution from Maggy at Red Ted Art

I am on a mission to make a whole grocery bag full of Felt Food for Pip Squeak’s 1st Birthday – so far I have one Gingerbread Man, 8 gorgeous Strawberries and 3 donuts (or doughnuts, depending from which side of the pond you are visiting)! I am yet to make some Cream!!! He...


Autumn is creeping in slowly, almost inconspicuously.  It is as though it knows it’s the uninvited season, so it gradually tiptoes in, stealing the bright sunlight, blowing a chill into the air and turning the leaves beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red and brown.  Ok, the summer may be over but there’ll still be the few sunny days to come and in its place there’ll be marvellous misty mornings and plenty of wrapped up in warm jumpers and wellies days.

I love the colours of autumn the walks in the park when the leav...

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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